Nothing Like A First Post...

Without further adieu,

Welcome to TheBklynLotus.

It has been a long time coming, I tell you!  I have been thinking of starting a blog for the longest now.

TBL represents the girl who is mentally ahead of her generation.  She continuously seeks to grow and evolve into the virtuous woman God designed her to be.
She is spiritually grounded.  It excites her to learn more and more about herself everyday & to most importantly come to accept her for who she is. She is knowledgeable & growth is the essence of her being.  This blog is dedicated to the girls who embrace being cultured, fully aware of her surroundings.  The Miss Know-It-All,  Google Fiend, Visionaries, Random Chic, Au Naturalle Vixens, & Sophisticated Bombshells.

More to come, but in the meantime please visit my second post Water to learn more about this amazing, guaranteed to make ya "feel good" opportunity!

Happy Birthday To Me! *HappyDance*