To feel joyful; be delighted

Yes, I am indeed Joyful&Delighted! As I sit on this chair, papers scattered everywhere including tear-stained journal entries, eyes barely open, bones aching, legs falling asleep, listening to Martha Munizza, "He's Already Provided", I can't help but chuckle at the "old" Fatima.  

She is dead&gone, buried 6feetunder with her sisters Negativity & Unworthiness.

In just a year, my life has changed in ways I NEVER imagined. I have this unspeakable joy. My Thirst is Quenched. Cup Overflowed. I am Blessed. I am truly Blessed beyond belief. 

He has brought me a mighty long way.

I can honestly say that my life began when I gave my life to Christ. You haven't fully lived if you don't haven't experienced the Joy of The Lord. I call it a spiritual birthing.  Everything is so clearer now. 

I rejoice in that.

This has truly been a dream come true for me folks. Thanks in advance for going on this journey with me.