MissDossoSays: Weight Loss is a Journey Not A Destination

Hey Family!

Long time no see, hehe! Don't fret, I will formally explain my absence at a later post. In the meantime, I pray you are enCOURAGED by this post! Happy 4th & remember that being healthy starts with YOU!

While doing my usual internet surfing, I came across this article, Jill Scott Dishes On Her 63lb Weight Loss

Here's what MissDossoSays:

1. Here's another reason why Jill Scott is my favorite kind of girl! She is so real & authentic & SECURE in who she is. Her goal is not determined by the "ideal goal", she did it on HER time. She is a clear depiction of The Bklyn Lotus' motto of "Define Who You Are & Own It!".

2."The 39-year-old star said she has lost 63lbs the last 2 years and adopted a healthier lifestyle."
This was like music to my ears! Further confirming my belief that weight loss is a journey not a destination. I could only imagine the criticism she received from health & fitness "gurus" talking this & that about how long it took her to lose 63lbs but I applaud her & receive that confirmation in my own personal journey with weight-loss.

I mean, let's be serious, how can one possibly break the curse to a bad habit if the recovery and healing process is treated as rush delivery??? I am learning to embrace this time to understand why this seems to be a reoccurring demon of mine.

My weight-loss goal is not to attain a "summer beach body". It is to attain a healthy life! During my personal weight-loss journey, I am learning a lot about myself, my weaknesses, the root of my overeating, & what I am trying to conceal when I do overeat. I want to lose weight so that not only I can run up a flight of stairs (or two) without running out of breath but most importantly so that God can effectively and thoroughly live out his will through me!
3. When asked what lifestyle changes she made, she answered:

"For starters, she eats three low fat meals a day and does three 60 minute cardio and strength training sessions, three times a week, with trainer Scott Parker

This resonated with me because when I research weight loss, the "gurus" always say a recommended 5 days a week is ideal for weight loss. I tried working out 5 days a week for an hour/hour&half time and I found it to be a bit cumbersome and getting in my way of living life. I even let working out get in the way of me attending prayer meeting on Tuesday nights!

Oh no.

The madness had to stop there.

I, Fatima Salih Dosso has declared that from here on out, I will lose weight on MY time by MY standards.

After all, it is my life.

Signing off,

Miss Dosso

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