Mother & I

"God made my Mother the way she is so that I can become who I am."
Growing up, Mother & I were not the best of friends. In fact, I can not begin to tell you how much we feuded if I were counting using my fingers & toes alone. I just could not understand her & she definitely could not relate to me. I would rebel & dismiss her advice & she would not listen to what I have to say. Now that I am growing up & looking back 22 years, I am beginning to realize her influence in my life. 

From Personality/Class Clown/ Facial Expressions, my mother always stayed true to her self. Regardless, if it was the popular thing to do or not. She had little friends & loved it just like
that. She took pride in not being phony. If she loved you, she did & if she didn't well...

You'd know.

Loved Reading/Loved Knowledge/ Loved being a Scholar, I remember staying up late at night just Mother & I putting the final touches on a book report I had to hand in the next day. We'd go over it together making sure all our I's were dotted & our T's were crossed. The other day, I was watching this show on TLC entitled, "Extreme Couponing" & I began to look at the TV in amazement not because of the people that were saving 1000's of dollars but because my Mother was ALWAYS big on saving with coupons! She was the first extreme couponer I'd know yet when she discreetly shoved coupons in my bag or leave them next to my bed, I would chuckle & say to myself, "What's wrong with this crazy lady?"

Bad dreams/Nightmares led to fights at school. It was as if she knew every time I left home in a bad mood, that she would get a phone call with the intro, "Hello, may I speak to Gertrude Jolifils, Fatima's mother please?"

She sacrificed her dreams to have Me. Mother wanted to be a model & tour the world but decided to have Miss Dosso, the heir to her throne. She taught me that Education was key & respect for elders was mandatory & to be wise to prepare for a beating if my grades weren't satisfactory. When I started having friends & desperately wanted to be like them, she'd be quick to unlike me & say I'm not a fan. She always encouraged me to be myself & stop trying to pretend but little did she know, I was already like them.

Come to find out all the things Mother said about Education, Knowledge, Authenticity, & yes even couponing are the very things that I have come to embrace now.

I am She, she is ME.

No matter how different I think she is, her innerQueen being is within ME.

She was an Entrepreneur before I even knew what that meant. Being an Avon representative for over 10 years, she mastered the art of Entrepreneurship! Always winning awards for Top sales, always having an Avon catalog on standby, took the initiative to recruiting someone, & taking the time to show them the business, following up, all of these skills I thought I took home from networking events, I learned from Mother.

Although, our relationship may have been rocky in the past, I have no doubt in my mind, that it's gonna get better. Christianity, Social Responsibility, all from my mother.

She was The Bklyn Lotus.

Way before it was Me.