"The Power of One"

Oftentimes in all the hustle & bustle of life, we get overly focused on our to-do list. There are times when we’re so focused on our plans and “the bigger picture”, we ignore life as it happens right now.
Last Saturday, I went to enjoy some Bible time at Bryant Park. It was a beautiful day and I needed the fresh air. I don’t think I ever woke up early to go out and spend time with God, so I was really excited. I had my Bible, a highlighter, notebook, and my cellphone which is currently my makeshift MP3 player full of my favorite praise and worship songs. I was on a mission! While studying the Book of Ephesians, something made me turn around.
At the table behind me, there was a young girl crying. My heart hurt to see her crying there by herself, so I decided to pray for her. I remember asking God to give her comfort for whatever plagued her. I also remember asking Him to use me if He saw fit to do so in that situation. Before I knew it, I jumped from my seat, leaving my belongings behind and went to get some napkins.
I approached her slowly and asked, “Is everything alright?” She nodded and continued to sob. I handed her some napkins and asked if she was sure. She nodded again.
After returning to my seat, I prayed for her again. I just wanted her to be okay in that moment. I didn’t know her story, but I knew God did, so I asked him to give her peace. Some time later, she came to my table.
“Thank you,” she said as she wiped away some of the remaining tears. “I just got a call telling me I didn’t get into the college that was my first choice and my dad is very strict about academics. I don’t know how I’m gonna tell him,” she said.
I kind of understood her situation because that happened to me when I didn’t get into UNC Chapel Hill. I told her it would be okay. She nodded in agreement as she wiped some more tears from her face. “Thank you again,” she said. “You’re welcome,” I replied.
At one time or another, we’ve been in a situation similar to the one above where we felt alone and in desperate need of some kind of comfort. Maybe all you wanted was a kind word, but no one ever came to bring the kind word you needed. How can we what another person needs if we refuse to ask? Lots of people, especially us New Yorkers, believe that if it doesn’t concern us, it’s not our business, but if it’s God’s business to comfort and heal the brokenhearted, and as Christians we are called to do the Lord’s work, who is to say He hasn’t called one of us to be that comforter?
Matthew 25:40 says: “Then the King will say,’I'm telling you the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me- you did it to me.’
I didn’t help this girl because I wanted something in return, I helped her because it pained my heart to see her that way. The crazy thing is that all she wanted was a tissue. Sometimes something so small makes all the difference. It takes courage to answer the call on your heart to help those in need.
Sometimes the very thing we pray for is the thing we should be doing to help the “least of these” Matthew mentions in the verse above. I am thankful to serve a God who answers prayer.  As followers of Christ, we are to follow His example and show love to the world around us. There are large acts of love and smaller acts of love, but at the end of the day, love is love. Sometimes it’s hard to love those around us, but that’s where courage and God’s grace come into the picture. To have courage of one’s convictions means to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, especially in spite of criticism. We act according to the truths of God’s word. God is love so each day we are to take a stand and show others that love by our loving action towards them. Service is an act of love. When we serve our fellow man and woman, we are being used to make their day a bit brighter. Our days will be brighter as well because of the love we share. It doesn’t have to be a group effort. Sometimes the power of one individual is all we need.
Candice Mitchell is a writer whose is passionate about encouraging people, especially the people of Christ.When she isn't changing the world one word at a time, you can find Candice advocating for those around her. A born and raised New Yorker form Queens, Candice enjoys reading, photography, music, and attending The Brooklyn Tabernacle.