#CourageousSeptember GiveAWAY!!

Hello TBL Readers!

Here is the post you've all been waiting for! This is our very first giveAWAY & I am so delighted to share this opportunity with YOU! It just so happens that the giveAWAY fits with our theme for this month (isn't it amazing how God seamlessly works everything out?), #CourageousSeptember!

 Here are the deets:

 Introducing "The Bklyn Lotus Rush Hour" where TBL Brand Ambassadors use this limited time to promote the TBL brand & encourage people to show their support. Whether it is following TBL on Twitter, Joining the Facebook community, or Subscribing to The Bklyn Lotus, the support is always welcomed & widely received! As a TBL brand ambassador, YOUR job is to show your support by sharing the goodness within your network. Influence is the name of the game!

For our first installment of TBL Rush Hour, we are focusing on our Facebook Fan Page! We NEED MORE FANS! Right now, we are at 83 Fans, just 17 people away from reaching our 100th Fan mark! This is where the TBL Ambassadors come in to save the day! In return for your hard work, you will have the chance to WIN 2 Free tickets to see the upcoming movie, "Courageous"! (To learn more about the movie, click here)

In order to qualify to WIN 2 FREE movie tickets (Did I mention FREE?), YOU must:

  1. Become a Facebook Fan! (If you are already a Facebook Fan, Kudos to ya! One step ahead of the game ;)
  2. You MUST be available & have internet access Thursday September 22, 2011 from 1-3PM (EST)
  3. Invite your friends to "Like" the The Bklyn Lotus on Facebook!
  4. Once they "Like" the page, have them write on the fanpage's wall saying "My friend _________ suggested The Bklyn Lotus to me. This step is VERY important because this is how I will determine who brought in the most fans!
That's it! Easy right?