Music Monday: Marvin Sapp, "Comfort Zone"

Happy Monday TBL Readers!

I have to say that this has been a thought-provoking, mind-boggling week for me. The Lord sure knows how to come at your jugular! Whew!

This song resonated with me because this is what I feel God is doing to me right now. I am being stretched & taken to a place I've never been before & I gotta admit it's uncomfortable. I am feeling very, very uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, I will continue to press on in & run the race accordingly! I will accept the challenges, I will embrace being uncomfortable because I know when this test is over & I would have PASSED, that I would only be stronger than before. Obedience & Child-like Faith is key. If you Obey the commands of our Father & trust in, believe in, rely on Him to see you through, the word uncomfortable wouldn't mean a thing to you.

Have a blessed day,

Miss Dosso~