Music Monday?


You know this week has been something else when I totally forget to post Music Monday! Forgive me, charge it to my head & not my heart! 0:-) Don't fret any longer, here are two songs that explain my week:

"Move me like only YOU can, Break me until I'm your man, More than ever before, I want to be RADICALLY yours"
MissDossoSays: I am currently in state of mind where I am HUNGRY & desperately wanting to be nearer & closer to God. I've got an appetite for his Word & a thirst that needs to be quenched. And there is only one guy that can feed me, give me the nutrients I need to sustain LIFE. Have you ever felt that way?

"I'm going to FINISH my race, I'm going to take my proper place in the WINNING circle, I'm going to run anyway, I don't know when or where or how, But I know I'm going to make it."

MissDossoSays: Don't compromise your calling for your feelings.  Feelings are like a Friends with Benefits relationship. You never know when it's going to leave, comes in unannounced, does the damage & leaves you high & DRY! (well, in this case spiritually dry ;)

Be EnCOURAGED & Fight the GOOD Fight!