You're Invited: Hear the Last 9/11 Survivor's Story!

Who: Genelle Guzman-McMillian, Last 9/11 Survivor
What: Come hear her tell how she survived for 27 hours under the World Trade Center Debris!
When: 3PM Service THIS SUNDAY!
Where: The Brooklyn Tabernacle 17 Smith Street Brooklyn NY 11201 (between Livingston Street & Fulton Street)
Why: To Be Blessed. ALL SEATS FREE!

 The following is an excerpt of this interview taken from Moody Conferences
Going to her cubicle on the 64th floor, she dropped off her things and went to the cafeteria on the 44th floor to get breakfast. She returned to her desk and was talking with a friend when suddenly they felt the building shake. They looked at each other and wondered what it was. Thinking it may have been an earthquake, McMillan quickly called Roger and told him that there may be an emergency and that they would probably have to evacuate the building. They planned to meet outside by Century 21, a few blocks away. McMillan thought it would be nice to have the rest of the day off of work.

They were not given any orders to evacuate, so a TV was turned on and at 9 a.m. there was a report of a possible terrorist attack. McMillan wasn’t sure what that meant as she had never encountered anything like that in Trinidad. Some people on her floor began to go down the stairwell because the elevators were not working. The stairwells were then taped off because they were too congested and so McMillan and 15 other people waited for more news.
As smoke began to come through the doors, they decided to rip the tape from the door and evacuate down the stairs. Scared of what was happening, McMillan held tightly to her friends’ hand and they descended. McMillan’s feet began to hurt as she walked down flights of stairs in her high heels, but she didn’t want to stop and take them off. Reaching the 13th floor, McMillan couldn’t take it anymore and bent over to take her shoes off. Just as she did, there was an explosion and everything went dark.

McMillan lost her grip on her friends’ hand. She lay still, sure she was going to die as she felt debris falling all around her. The noise got louder and louder and it felt like hours had passed before it finally stopped. When it finally did, McMillan tried to move but found that her head was pinned between two cement pillars. She couldn’t move her legs or her right hand, so with her left hand she brushed the dust from her eyes and mouth. She began to feel around and noticed something soft underneath her. She determined that was on top of a body and because something hard was poking her side, she used the body as a cushion to get more comfortable.
For the next 27 hours McMillan remained conscious, but fell in and out of sleep. She thought a lot about her life, her mother, and death. She knew she would probably die, but she began to cry out to God begging for a second chance. She had never really prayed before, but the more she did, the more she felt her faith in God growing. “I just wanted a second chance at life,” McMillan said. “I wanted to be with my family. I knew my life was going to change as I prayed for a miracle. I realized that I was still breathing and I knew that God had a plan for my life. I knew He was going to answer my prayer.”