"Satan Hates Your Friendship"

There’s an old saying that goes something like “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” Over the years, I find that statement to be more and more true regarding friendships.

I can literally group the people I have met throughout my life in those categories, maybe Facebook and Google+ should categorize friends that way too, but while grouping my interactions, I wonder if some people were placed in a category they should not have been in, due to supernatural factors.

Throughout my years, I have also seen it true that Satan loves to split up powerful connections.

I remember while on The World Race, there was a seed of dissention sown by Satan between me, and one of my best friends on the race.

We were on separate teams, and when the time came for our squad to meet up, there was “something” between us. It was the strangest feeling, because we had chatted via email, and FB chat while we were at our monthly ministries, but once we met up there was, like this distance between us.

And it would have stayed there, had not one of us called it out and said “What is this?” “Why do we feel so far from each other?”

We sat down, talked it out, and came to the conclusion that is was strictly the Enemy, planting lies in our heads about each other. That I was tired of her, that she was jealous, that she wasn’t there for me…a bunch of CRAP that was not even remotely true.

Satan was trying to put a wedge between our friendship. He was trying to destroy it because he knew what an encouragement we were to each other. He was scared of what we could accomplish for the Kingdom together. Look at David and Jonathan’s friendship, in the Bible. They were a mighty force, and the enemy tried to destroy the friendship by working through Saul.


There have been a couple of friendships in my life that have disintegrated strictly because the enemy has flooded the head with lies, and unfortunately, even when truth was spoken, the lies were already too deeply lodged to be fully removed.

If you have a friendship that is life-bringing, encouraging, and uplifting…guard it. If thoughts start to seep in, that are out of the character of your friend, they are lies! Speak them out immediately, and give Satan NO room for crippling the gift of friendship, God has given.

Bethsaida is a fearless, courageous & awesome servant leader of the Lord who is currently serving in Thailand with Lighthouse In Action, a non-profit organization whose mission is to end sexual slavery in Thailand. To learn more about Bethsaida's missionary efforts & how you can help, please visit her website affectionately entitled, "Agenda: Love" at www.agendalove.com.