What If You Don't Love Yourself?

"Love is strong, love has no limit, and love is underestimated. Loving yourself does not mean being selfish, or being self-centered.

Before I was saved by the grace of God's mercy, I was miserable, angry, full of rage & it also didn't help that my nickname was ''rage''. I settled for everything that was wrong in my life & blamed everyone around me. Being in my presence wasn't always pleasant for many & being home was not even comfortable anymore. I looked in the reflection on the train on my way home from work & didn't even recognize myself, tears started to come down my face & I wanted nothing more to have this pain end right away. But that wasn't the last moment I had, it's when I drank to the point where I was completely unconscious of my own actions. I woke up in my bed because I had friends that cared about me, yet that morning, afternoon & evening I realized I needed a change. Less than a month passed before I began attending services at Brooklyn Tabernacle & learned that God is Love. What do I mean? Well, God forgave me for everything I did, everything from the continuous drunk nights to the attitude that I had against myself & my mother, to the suicidal thoughts I had. He saved me & made me look in the mirror as I cried because I was relieved of the chains that held me against my own will.
     As I cried & Looked in the mirror, I loved how I looked. I love myself with tears, I love myself with undone hair, & I love myself with chipped nail polish & a huge pimple screaming to be popped. Learning to love yourself starts with the ugly part of you, the part of you that society does not want to see. Loving yourself means you are not angry at your faults, yet you are not boastful about your gifts. God gave us countless of reasons to love ourselves & we must acknowledge him for it. Be grateful to have a neighbor, because what if you lived in a world with no neighbors (it's unimaginable but just close your eyes & picture it), imagine that...you would be talking to yourself literally! 
The neighbors, friends & strangers in our life are to be surrounded by your kindness, love, and gifts. People go through several moods in one day, but it just takes one act of kindness to make them happy. Believe in God. Believe in Love. And believe the love you have for yourself can make a better day for everyone.
I pray this inspires anyone presently going through struggles to not worry, learn to love yourself & your neighbors, it is what God has done from the beginning of time & it is what God will continue to do for you! God is your best friend & the first friend you found. Never be afraid to just talk to him, he’s always listening.

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."- 1 Peter 4:8 (TNIV)

Regine Denerville is an only child that grew up in Brooklyn, NY, raised by a single Haitian mother who prayed for strength and courage everyday. She graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School and SUNY Old Westbury. But she is not defined by her education. Her hobbies are writing, dancing, and traveling. Growing up she was shy, quiet & always well behaved. Yet as she grew into a lovely young woman, she endured the World’s pain and struggle and forgot how to run to God. Saved in 2010 at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, she is happy God is in her everyday life now. Praise the Lord!
"May God give you more and more mercy, peace and love." -Jude 1: 2 (NLT)