"When "Keepin' It Real" Goes Wrong" | Nicole Crews

The mentality is, you think you know it all, when at the end you know nothing. Ouch! The word that keeps coming to my mind is HUMILITY! 

When you humble yourselves as the scriptures say: Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3 Phew, God is pretty clear and direct with us.

Many justify their inappropriate behavior, by saying; “I’m just keeping it real”. It basically means, having no filter and think you have the right to just say what ever is on your mind. I have fallen short of this many times and I’m grateful that by God’s grace he is working constantly on my heart.  One of the main lessons I have personally learned is to do everything in love.

Another thing that is very dangerous, when people gossip during prayer. That just smells like “when keeping it real goes wrong.” God is all about unity amongst the body of Christ. Any gossip, even in prayer destroys unity. Please do us a favor and keep silent, if you can’t sincerely pray for someone in love.

Self-righteousness reflects insecurity.  It really breaks my heart, when I see Christians think they are superior then other people. We all started with the same need of salvation and God’s grace. Then somewhere down the road, we can lose perspective and judge others left and right. I remember a humble smack down in my life. In BC (Before Christ) times, I used to dress very inappropriately. My modesty was compromised. When I got saved, I learned over time to cover up and dress respectfully. Then I went to the other extreme and dressed so modest I looked 30 years older then I was.  Next thing you know, I got quickly upset when I saw another girl in church dress to impress her “goodies”. I began to judge others and got insecure around some of the women.  Today I’m so grateful for God’s forgiveness, to know my father so closely, that my heart started to break for the girls and I had compassion for them. God reminded me of my BC times, when I was in their shoes and he convicted me about my behavior. How many of you are so thankful for God’s mercy and grace. He began to expose my insecurities and gave me the grace to face it. I disciplined myself to submit my thoughts to the Lord and pray for others in love.

On a different note, sometimes I ask myself the question: What are we doing with the information God is exposing to us? Have you ever thought about it?  Why would God choose you to reveal certain information? Maybe, because He entrusts you to accomplish a greater task. I was so blessed by Rick Warren, when he said he is not a great writer, yet God chose him to write a book called “Purpose Driven Life” and it sold 25 million copies. What if God would have chose you to write this anointed book? What would you have done with the revenue? Now with the attitude of “when keeping it real goes wrong”, we can deceive ourselves and spend the money on the wrong things and end up hurting ourselves and others.  God knew what Rick Warren would do with the money.  He is tithing 90% of his income, now that is faith. He is giving God all the glory. I want to be a woman of integrity and give generously with God’s love and to bless His people. 
Nicole Crews is married to her beloved husband Todd Crews. She is a follower of Jesus Christ and ever since have loved the journey God has placed her on. Nicole has a strong desire to be used for His glory. She was born and raised in Germany and a sister of two brothers. Nicole loves going on dates with her husband, listening to her husband preach, and serving along side him in ministry. She is passionate about people, cooking and traveling.