A Day of Silence for the forgotten ones, #ENDiTmovement

I didn't update my status or tweet, but I did do my usual scrolling of the News Feed to see what everyone else was up to and I thought of this:
1. Do our voices really matter if we are not using it to edify and encourage one another?
2. Does what we have to say REALLY matter if we are not utilizing it as a tool to be a voice to the voiceless?
Most of what people say on facebook are just OPINIONS and self-absorbed, not pre-meditated, not calculated,  not strategic in any form, just THOUGHTS about SELF and OPINIONS of OTHER PEOPLE
For those participants of the Day of Silence who aren't victims of sex trafficking, or any form of sexual abuse, now you get to empathize with how we (survivors) feel. Watching people carry on with their personal lives, with the perception that these people are free because they did not go through what we (survivors) went through,  desperately hoping that someone will notice that we went missing, someone to save us and give us the tender love that EVERY child deserves.
Unfortunately, people who come out of sex trafficking and others form of sexual abuse, be it molestation, rape, domestic violence, feel like they are finally FREE because they are now living in a world they thought was free because they weren't trapped like we (survivors) were so we perceive that "it shouldn't be that hard to get back to normal" but we (survivors) are mistaken. We sadly come to the realization that these "perfect people" are not exactly perfect after all. In fact NO ONE is. Its hard for us (survivors) to come to terms with that. How could you not be perfect? You weren't raped, molested, abused! You had a perfect choldhood! So, we start to get bitter, angry that society is not as welcoming and accepting as we thought. We begin to walk around with paranoia attacking over our brains and with the mindset of "dont trust nobody, don't love anybody, dont tell anybody ya business" because aint nobody looking out for ya, aint nobody holding you down, you're responsible for yourself". We (survivors) have a hard time being in community, so we (survivors) rebel against the thought of living in community even though we (survivors) really need it to survive. We (survivors) need a support system and others to hold us accountable. We crave it. 

Our lives don't really have meaning until we come across this guy whose name means "perfect love". Someone who forgives women who society has labeled "adulterous" & "prostitute" forgetting that they more than likely did not have a very good start of life. All the social issues of the world, poverty, homelessness, fatherless homes, foster care, drug-addicted parents, abusive Father, Mother working 2 jobs, all of them welcoming them on the day of birth. Do people REALLY think we (survivors) had a choice? Do people REALLY think that it was our fault, that we (survivors) chose to be in this predicament?
I pray that as a nation we can continue to support aftercare programs suchs as GEMS and RestoreNYC to help women coming out of "the life" learn life, vocational, and social skills. I pray that not only were lives impacted today but that THEIR voices were RAISED because other people SILENCED theirs. I pray for not only the new modern-day abolitionists whose whose hearts became burden for this #sextrafficking epidemic because of this day of silence, but for the others, the "girls like us", the survivors, to SPEAK UP, be TRANSPARENT, and use your newfound voice to help girls and/or young women find hers.
Be EmPOWERed today ♥
-Miss Dosso